The following IJCB 2021 papers are invited to submit an extended version to the IEEE Transactions on Biometrics, Behavior, and Identity Science (IEEE-TBIOM).

  • ID Authors Title
  • 26 Changyuan Jiang; Shisong Lin; Wei Chen; Feng Liu; Linlin Shen PointFace: Point Set Based Feature Learning for 3D Face Recognition
  • 46 Weili Yang; Zhuoming Chen; Junduan Huang; Linfeng Wang; Wenxiong Kang LFMB-3DFB: A Large-scale Finger Multi-Biometric Database and Benchmark for 3D Finger Biometrics
  • 48 Jeremy Speth; Nathan Vance; Adam Czajka; Kevin Bowyer; Diane Wright; Patrick Flynn Deception Detection and Remote Physiological Monitoring: A Dataset and Baseline Experimental Results
  • 79 Wenwei Song; Wenxiong Kang; Yulin Yang; Linpu Fang; Chang Liu; Xingyan Liu TDS-Net: Towards Fast Dynamic Random Hand Gesture Authentication via Temporal Difference Symbiotic Neural Network
  • 81 Qi Li; Xiaoxiao Dong; Weining Wang; Caifeng Shan CAS-AIR-3D Face: A Low-Quality, Multi-Modal and Multi-Pose 3D Face Database
  • 83 Ke-Yue Zhang; Taiping Yao; Jian Zhang; Shice Liu; Bangjie Yin; Shouhong Ding; Jilin Li Structure Destruction and Content Combination for Face Anti-Spoofing
  • 91 Mohit Agrawal; Pragyan Mehrotra; Rajesh Kumar; Rajiv Ratn Shah Defending Touch-based Continuous Authentication Systems from Active Adversaries Using Generative Adversarial Networks
  • 137 Bulat Khaertdinov; Esam A. H. Ghaleb; Stylianos Asteriadis Contrastive Self-supervised Learning for Sensor-based Human Activity Recognition
  • 144 Laurent Colbois; Tiago Freitas Pereira; Sébastien Marcel On the use of automatically generated synthetic image datasets for benchmarking face recognition
  • 152 Johannes Schuiki; Georg Wimmer; Andreas Uhl Vulnerability Assessment and Presentation Attack Detection Using a Set of Distinct Finger Vein Recognition Algorithms

Detailed instructions to submit to IEEE-TBIOM will be provided soon.