IJCB 2021 Best Paper Award

Weili Yang, Zhuoming Chen, Junduan Huang, Linfeng Wang and Wenxiong Kang. LFMB-3DFB: A Large-scale Finger Multi-Biometric Database and Benchmark for 3D Finger Biometrics

IJCB 2021 Best Paper 1st Runner Up Award

Wenwei Song, Wenxiong Kang, Yulin Yang, Linpu Fang, Chang Liu and Xingyan Liu. TDS-Net: Towards Fast Dynamic Random Hand Gesture Authentication via Temporal Difference Symbiotic Neural Network

IJCB 2021 Best Paper 2nd Runner Up Award

Bulat Khaertdinov, Esam A. H. Ghaleb and Stylianos Asteriadis. Contrastive Self-supervised Learning for Sensor-based Human Activity Recognition

2021 IAPR Best Biometrics Student Paper Award

Changyuan Jiang, Shisong Lin, Wei Chen, Feng Liu and Linlin Shen. PointFace: Point Set Based Feature Learning for 3D Face Recognition